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AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge
Posted March 1 2013 04:24 PM by Johnny Hunkins 
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AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge

Meet the official competitors for the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge!

The staff of Popular Hot Rodding magazine is pleased to announce the competitor teams for the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. The indicated 40 teams as "PARTICIPANTS" are presented as an Alphabetical order listing with their respective "Team Leader" designated. This is not an order of appearance and should not be assumed in any such fashion.

The Official Dyno Run Schedule for the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge will be published on August 16, 2013, which will provide day and time assignments of competition by team.

Congratulations are extended to each of our Participant Teams and Leaders. We look forward to an exciting 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge together at the University of Northwestern Ohio on October 7 through 11, 2013.

Participant Teams

Team Name                                                      Team Leader
Accufab Inc                                                     John Mihovetz
All Performance LLC                                       Brian Olby, Sr.
Automotive Machine & Performance                Mike Phillips
BES Racing Engines                                        Tony Bischoff
Bradley Built Engines                                        Bradley Nagel
D&A Machine Shop                                         Donny Key
Dr. J's Performance/Airwolf Cylinder Heads      Bryce Mulvey
Freelander Engines/Oakley Motorsports       David Freelander
Greg Brown Racing Engines                              Greg Brown
Henderson  Power Sports                             Chris Henderson
Hughes Engines, Inc.                                         Dave Hughes
Hutter Performance                                           Ron Hutter
JM Performance Auto Repair, Inc.                     Jim Mustacaros
Joe Carroll                                                        Joe Carroll
Joe Mondello Racing Engines                             Bill Anderson
Jon Kaase Racing                                              Jon Kaase
KMF Racing Engines                                        Kevin Fisher

Kuntz & Co.                                                    Jim Kuntz
Kustom Kemps                                                Lynn Peterson
McKeown Motorsport Engineering, Inc.           Mark McKeown
Merkel Racing Engines                                     Todd Merkel
Modern Cylinder Head                                     Jeff Kabylski
MPG Head Service                                          Scott Main
Performance Crankshaft Inc                             Adney Brown
R.M. Competition                                            Randy Malik
Raceheads & AFD                                          Carlo Aghbashian
Racing Engine Design                                       Bret Bowers
RCS Racing Engines/RCS/AS Votech              Ron Stanislawczyk
School of Automotive Machinists                     Judson Massingill
Semco Performance                                        Michael Semchee
Shaver Specialty cc                                         Ron Shaver
SKMFX Engines                                            Jesse Robinson
Survival Motorsports                                      Barry Rabotnick
T&B'z Race Engines                                       Tom Foley
Throttle's Performance                                    Mark Dalquist
Tim Zepp Engineering/Darin Morgan               Tim Zepp
TNT Engineering                                            Tony Bogovich, III
Triple S                                                           Corey Short
United Racing Engines LLC                            Mike Rinehart
Weingartner Racing LLC                                 Eric Weingartner
Wise Performance Engineering                         Brad Wise


We are equally pleased to present the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Alternates. These Teams as Alternates are presented in their proper order with their respective Team Leader designated. This is the order of possible inclusion into the 2012 competition as a participating Team within the competition.

Alternate Teams

Team Name                                                          Team Leader
1. Almost Kaase's                                                 Jon Kaase
2. Atlantic Engines                                            Robert McDonald
3. Traco Engineering Inc.                                Larry Salisbury
4. RRAM (Robinson Rutters Auto Machine)          Jesse Robinson
5. BES Racing Engines                                           John Lohone
6. KTC                                                                  Chuck Keech
7. Performance Optimized Systems                    Wayne Skelly
8. Rooney/RCS Racing Engines/RCS/AS Votech   Mike Rooney
9. Shottie's Porting Service                                    Jason Schagt
10. Robert Peters                                                  Robert Peters
11. Dove Manufacturing                                        David Dove
12. Paul Milano Tire and Service                      Anthony Milano
13. Dove Manufacturing                                        David Dove
14. McKeown Motorsport Engineering, Inc.         Michael Kelly

All Alternates are eligible to fill an “open run order position” and/or an “open time slot position” in the competition in the above assigned order. An “open run order position” is a position that would become open when a Participant cannot compete in the assigned order for the specific day he/she is assigned. An “open time slot position” is a position that would become open when the final scheduled participant starts his/her final qualifying dyno pull on or before 3:45 PM.

The 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Official Rules provides additional details in regards to eligibility, engine delivery date and time, as well as other criteria for ability of an Alternate to enter competition.


Congratulations to all our entrants and we thank you for your support of the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenger program. The very best of luck to you all! 

AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Staff

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