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LS Atomic EFI

Posted November 8 2012 08:33 PM by Johnny Hunkins 
Filed under: Tech

LS Atomic EFI by MSD

MSD’s latest version of the Atomic EFI for the LS engine is a game changer.

Last week at the SEMA show, we got our first look at a revolutionary new EFI system that takes much of the guesswork and frustration out of installing an LS engine. Made by MSD, the LS Atomic EFI kit integrates the fuel rails with the engine management computer itself. This has the far reaching consequence in that it virtually eliminates most of the wiring harness associated with an EFI engine swap. By having the computer co-located with the fuel rails, it also cools the electronics, another bonus.

The LS Atomic EFI is not completely without wiring; you will still need to install an O2 sensor, mount a control/power box, hook the system up to 12 volts, plumb and wire a fuel pump, and connect a half dozen or so sensors to the small harnesses sprouting from both fuel rails. There’s also an easy fuel crossover that needs to be plumbed.

Since there were so many LS engines over the years, MSD has several versions to cover cable throttle, throttle by wire, return-style fuel systems, and pulse-modulated returnless fuel systems. All versions automatically sense either 24x or 58x reluctor wheels, and the handheld programmer automatically populates the engine parameters with hardware specs (such as injector part numbers and coil pack part numbers) when you select the engine type (LS1, LS2, LS3, etc.). The biggest thing to remember, however, is that you won’t need a laptop or an engineering degree to get started—all you need to do is answer a few car guy questions on the handheld controller.

But make no mistake, this is not some basic entry-level system in terms of capability. There are very powerful tools that allow ignition retard for nitrous, fuel enrichment for boost, A/F ratio targeting, idle rpm targeting, and rev limiting. Our best advice is to mosey on over to the MSD site, and watch the very informative installation video where the LS Atomic EFI unit is mated to a ’57 Chevy with an LS1. Only after watching this, will you get an idea about how powerful this system is—and why it garnered SEMA’s Best New Product award.

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