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Indy 500ci Big-Block

Mopar Wedge Engine
Posted December 10 2012 04:30 PM by Johnny Hunkins 
Filed under: Project Cars

Indy Cylinder Heads 500ci big-block wedge

Project Valiant’s Indy-built 500ci low-deck big-block has been dyno tested, and it’s a winner!

Our 500ci big-block Mopar has been in the works at Indy Cylinder Heads for a couple of months now, and we can officially announce the dyno results, but first some background. We approached Indy with the idea of building a low-deck stroker Mopar Wedge for our 1968 Plymouth Valiant A-body because a low-deck “B” motor would easily fit under the flat hood. We wanted a stealthy “grandma” look without a hood scoop, and going with the low-deck “B” variant was our best option. The factory B-series big-blocks originally came in 383- and later 400ci versions, and lend themselves well to being stroked due to a big bore and a relatively short stroke from the factory. Our Indy-built wedge would use one of their 133-lb aluminum Indy Maxx blocks for light weight, while an Eagle 4.150-inch stroker kit with 4.3750-inch 10:1 forged Diamond pistons would bring the cube count all the way up to 500 inches. 

The idea was to set the table for a lightweight A-body (especially up front) with stock curb appeal and lots of tire-melting torque. For this, Indy used a COMP Cams solid-lifter cam with a street-friendly .556-/.573-inch lift and 245/251 degrees of duration (at .050-inch lift), breathing through a pair of their CNC port-matched and bowl-ported EZ-1 heads. T&D supplied a set of Indy-specific shaft rockers that activate 2.19-/1.81-inch diameter valves. Induction is supplied via one of Indy’s convertible “Mod Man” intakes with dual-quad 500cfm Edelbrock #1404 carbs. With 35 degrees of total timing set on the MSD Pro Billet distributor and running on 92 octane pump gas, the low-deck alloy wedge belted out 662 lb-ft of peak torque at 4,500 rpm and 657 hp at 6,100 rpm. Look for the complete story in the May and June 2013 issues of PHR. To watch a video of the 500ci Wedge being tested, click here.

Indy Cylinder Heads

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