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Keyless Ignition For Muscle Cars

Programmable RFID Keyless Ignition System
Posted December 7 2012 06:31 PM by ChristopherCampbell 
Filed under: Tech

Flaming River hands-free keyless entry

 The hands-free style keyless technology on modern cars is cool, convenient, and helps increase security- and now thanks to Flaming River, you can have it on your hot rod or muscle car!

Flaming River has expanded their line of Keyless Ignition Systems to include a new hands-free programmable unit that uses RFID proximity technology to automatically authorize your vehicle to start. The system can stand alone in any vehicle, or be integrated into any of our tilt columns in a paintable, black powdercoat, or polished finish.

This new system is fully programmable to allow you to use your keyless entry/ trunk release system, door poppers, or other popular remotely controlled accessories. A single fob can even be programmed to operate multiple vehicles.

Other convenient features include the ability to learn and recognize additional key fobs or replacement fobs, an emergency bypass mode that allows the vehicle to be started using a unique PIN #, and a security lockout feature that prevents the system from being activated when the key fob is inside of the vehicle's proximity range.

FR60004 Programmable Keyless Ignition System- Dash Mount 

FR60005 Programmable Keyless Ignition System- Installed in Floor Shift Tilt Column 

FR60006 Programmable Keyless Ignition System- Installed in Column Shift Tilt Column

For more info;

Flaming River


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