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Rusty Steel Replacement

Mustang Tail Light Panels From Year One
Posted November 26 2012 02:32 PM by ChristopherCampbell 
Filed under: Tech

Year One Mustang tail light panel

 Got a rusty tail light panel on your Mustang? Year One saved our '68 project car's tail with their high quality steel replacement panels.

Year One Mustang tail light panel

 Every vintage car has specific areas that tend to collect water and create annoying rust holes that need to be patched. For 1st-gen Mustangs, the tail light panel tends to be one of the problem areas thanks to thick gaskets that can sop up moisture.

Thankfully, the panels aren't that difficult to remove after drilling out a bunch of spot welds, and even more thankfully, there are quality reproduction panels available cheaply.

On our '68 mustang project car for our annual paint and body issue, we chose a panel from Year One, since we've had nothing but good experiences with their new steel for classic cars. All the dimension and curves matched up well with the original, so once it's welded back it'll be very difficult to spot the patch.

Watch for more progress on the our Mustang on our Facebook page ( and in upcoming issues of PHR!

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