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Demon Designed For Driving

625 Street Demon Carburetor Debuts
Posted February 2 2012 03:50 PM by ChristopherCampbell 
Filed under: Tech

Street Demon carb

Demon's radically different 625cfm Street Demon engineered for hot rods with stock to mildly modified engines.  

There’s some new thinking going on over at the newly reformed Demon Carbs. They're still building some of the industry's best high performance and racing cars, but now they're branching out. 

In appearance, the cast aluminum Street Demon looks nothing like the famed Demon carbs we’ve come to know and love over the years- but that’s because this carb has a different function in mind vs. the rest of the power hungry Demon carb family.

Developed clean-sheet, the Street Demon features two 1-3/8in primary throttle bores with a new triple-stack boost venturii design. Two of the boosters are suspended across the bores in the conventional way; the third is integrated into the throttle bore walls. Their idea is to produce superior fuel emulsification, to present crisp throttle response and drivability, and to provide pleasing fuel economy. Two-stage metering rods make tuning a breeze without disassembly or removal. In short, this is a Demon carb designed specifically for user-friendly bolt-on and go cruising. It even accommodates either square- or spread-bore-pattern intake manifolds without adapters.

But that doesn’t mean performance has been tabled- this is a Demon after all At the top of secondary bore is a torsion spring-controlled air valve to designed to provide a seamless primary-to-secondary throttle response, regardless of how aggressive the throttle opening rate. The very distinctive, sloping contours of the bores has also been optimized for efficient cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution. 
The new Street Demons are available in three styles; aluminum tumble-burnished, tumble-burnished with polymer fuel bowl, and aluminum hand polished. Any of them can be combined with Demon’s polymer fuel bowl which can reduce heat transfer to the fuel by as much as 20 degrees.

Demon is back and we're glad to see new products and innovations rolling out already.

Demon Carburetion

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