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Crane Cams Roller Lifters

AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge
Posted February 4 2013 10:50 AM by Johnny Hunkins 
Filed under: Tech

Crane Cams hydraulic roller lifters

Crane Cams joins the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge as a contingency sponsor in the lifter category.

To help promote the industry-leading features of their billet-bodied Hydraulic Roller Lifters, Crane Cams is once again a contingency awards sponsor for lifters. For the 2013 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge, the rules requirement is for functional hydraulic lifters, with both flat tappet and roller lifters eligible for competition. It may not be a well recognized fact, but a hydraulic lifter is the most precise component in an engine. For the lifter to provide the self-adjusting function of the hydraulic circuit, the tolerance of the internal plunger to the lifter body is ultra critical, and the lifter’s valving must provide reliable control. In a high performance application the requirements are magnified as the rpm range of operation increases, and the demands of increased spring loads as well as more aggressive cam profiles make themselves known. 

Crane provides a variety of hydraulic lifters designed to meet the needs of a high performance application, with flat tappets available in variations including Anti Pump-Up performance hydraulic lifters, the Hi-Intensity lifters, and Special Race Design hydraulics. These lifters rely on optimization of the micro tolerances of the mechanism to control bleed-down and their exclusive internal valving provides the metering for valvetrain control in a high performance application. Crane’s hydraulic roller lifters have developed a reputation in the industry as a top quality product. These lifters are available for retrofit applications allowing a roller arrangement in many engine types factory equipped only with flat tappets. The precision manufactured lifter bodies provide the rigidity to handle the loads found in a high performance engine, while a precision check ball internal valving offers superior valvetrain control.  Find out more about Crane’s lifter offerings and match the product that is right for your build at, or give them a call at 386-310-4875.

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