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Indy Cylinder Heads

Mopar Big-Block
Posted December 7 2012 01:54 PM by Johnny Hunkins 
Filed under: Tech

The Indy Maxx Mopar block from Indy

Indy Cylinder Heads offers a super-strong, lightweight aluminum block for B- and RB-series big-block Mopars.

For years, the best a Mopar enthusiast could do was a heavy OEM cast-iron block if he wanted to build a big-block Mopar. The aftermarket has slowly come around for the Chrysler faithful, and now a few more options exist, one of which is the feature-packed Indy Maxx block from Indy Cylinder Heads. Available in both low-deck B-, and raised-deck RB form, the Indy Maxx aluminum blocks are among the finest water jacketed blocks in the industry. These blocks can easily handle high horsepower loads with reliability that’s hard to beat. All Indy Maxx water blocks include a choice of sleeves, the cam bearings and screw-in core plugs are installed, and the dowels and oil gallery plugs are supplied. Additionally, the Indy Maxx block features billet steel cross-bolted main caps, siamesed dry-sleeve construction, and material that’s .300-inch thick between cylinders on a 4.500-inch bore. All blocks are finished line honed with finished lifter bores, and come with a standard oil pan bolt pattern (available also as a wide oil pan bolt pattern). And the best part? Machined Indy Maxx blocks weigh just 133 lbs.

Indy Cylinder Heads

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