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Posted November 12 2010 07:21 PM by Johnny Hunkins 
Filed under: Magazine Stuff

STREET RODDER PREMIUM--on newsstands now.

If you love a good read, you’ll love the new STREET RODDER PREMIUM

Today, I noticed a skid palate of new magazines in our first-floor tech center. Curious, I picked one up and started thumbing through it. There’s been a lot of buzz around the office lately with management loosening the purse strings and putting some serious resources into some new and existing magazines at Source Interlink, and STREET RODDER PREMIUM is one of the early salvos. The first thing I noticed was the gargantuan trim size and the excellent paper quality. As I thumbed through the mag, the next thing that hit me was the excellent photography by guys like Chris Shelton, Josh Mishler, Randy Lorentzen, and Henry DeKuyper. The quality paper makes the photos literally pop off the page.

The writing, by the way, is top notch. I’m a big fan of Brian Brennan, the editor of STREET RODDER magazine, and he’s done an excellent job with pretty minimal resources. As I read his editorial about the new magazine, I found myself agreeing with his premise that it was time to get back to basics and provide good old fashioned entertainment. We’re so wrapped up in the magazine business with showing you the tools, breaking down the costs, and laying out dyno sheets that we sometime forget that reading a magazine is supposed to be pure fun—escapism. Not homework.

STREET RODDER PREMIUM is just that—it’s a kick-your-shoes-off, grab-a-beer, light-up-a-cigar kind of magazine. The interview with Ed Iskenarian and the piece on the Museum Of American Speed are especially cool, but don’t take my word for it, check it out on the newsstand.

The thing that a lot of outsiders don’t understand is that it’s a monthly miracle that magazines get made in a corporate environment. There are meetings, traveling, deadlines, politics, paperwork, and more managers than you can shake a stick at. You’ve got to have a passion so powerful that it pushes through aerodynamic drag of corporate life like a sonic boom. Brennan has done just that with SRP, and even if street rods aren’t your thing, I promise you that you will feel the heat! If you see it in the store, crack it open and give it a look. I think you’ll like it. 

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