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Russell Crimp Hose Program

Crimp Hoses
Posted December 14 2009 08:46 PM by Johnny Hunkins 
Filed under: Tech

Russell crimp tool in action

Give your hoses an OEM look with Russell’s new crimp hose program.

While cruising through the PRI show in Orlando last week, I stopped by the Edelbrock booth to see what’s new. As always, they had an incredible array of cool stuff, and I wanted all of it. One of the neatest things I coveted was Russell’s new hose crimper. When it comes to hoses, most people usually give in, and hand their wallet over for high-priced braided line. AT PHR, we’re a little more frugal, and usually spring for some sort of push-lock system, but Russell’s crimp program has the cost of a push-lock system, with the strength and good looks of something far more expensive.

The program works like this: You buy the fittings and hoses you need for your project (or projects), and put a deposit down on the crimping tool, which comes with a selection of crimping dies. When you’re done with your project, you return the crimping tool and dies for a full refund on the tool deposit. All you’re out of is the cost of hoses and fittings, which by the way are much less expensive than braided stainless. And if you’re a shop, you can even buy the tool for about $1,600. Pricing wise, it’s more like a push-lock system, but with an OEM look.

I’m seriously considering this for my next project. Edelbrock had some crimping product there to test, and I tried my hand at the crimping tool. It was remarkably easy. Just cut your line to length, slip the fitting and sleeve over the hose, then set it in the tool. A moderate force on the handle crimps the fitting down tight, just like a factory hose. The joint is compatible with fuel, oil, and coolants, and can be used on a/c systems, brakes, and other high-pressure lines (power steering, fuel, etc). Fittings are available for the Russell crimp system from -4 AN to -12 AN.


Russell Performance


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