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A Refurbished Stock Car Engine For Your Hot Rod

Used NASCAR Engines
Posted July 22 2008 12:00 AM by Johnny Hunkins 
Filed under: Tech

A Used Roush NASCAR engine, complete and dyno'd for $20k.

While at the NMCA event in Joliet, we found one racer who opened our eyes to a completely new possibility.

Don Bowles and his NASCAR-powered 2006 Mustang GT.

While combing through the pit area at the NMCA Superbowl of drag racing this past weekend, we ran into Don Bowles, who runs a 2006 Mustang in NMRA’s Open Comp class. Don Bowles has been racing for decades, and has worked with Jack Roush since 1972, and continues to develop products for Roush for their retail program. When we first saw Don’s orange ’06 GT, we assumed it was just another late-model ‘stang, until we dug deeper.

It turns out that Bowles’ hot rod is running a used Roush NASCAR powerplant, straight out of Carl Edwards’ Sprint Cup operation. What’s even more interesting is that with the Roush/Fenway Racing operation’s 5 NASCAR teams, there is an abundance of slightly used engines flooding the marketplace with no place to go. It’s a veritable cornucopia of power just waiting to be tapped.

Other than having been freshened, re-dynoed, and changed to operate on E85, The 358-ci NASCAR plant in Bowles’ GT is the same as the day it thumped under the hood of Edward’s Ford. With this engine, Bowles laid down a qualifying e.t. of 9.50, which qualified him seventh in a full field. That was with no power adder, too!

Here’s the kicker: you can buy a Ford NASCAR engine just like this one for about $20k. This includes a thorough freshening and dyno testing. It also includes all accessories, such as ignition, distributor, alternator, water pump, pulleys, brackets, and engine dress. We did a little searching on the internet, and found NASCAR Chevy engines for sale (complete, just like the one in Don Bowles’ car) for as low as $12k from Muscle Motorsports (Huntersville, NC; 704-948-1040). We asked Bowles where our readers could buy a used Roush Ford engine, but he was unable to provide that information, other than to say we should contact Doug Yates (but gave us no contact phone). 

If you’re looking for big-block power in a smaller, lightweight package, and like the idea of something that stands out from the crowd, a refurbished NASCAR engine is just the thing. They’re bulletproof, they’re unique, they come fully refurbished and dyno tested, and dollar-for-dollar, they’re the steal of the century!


Getting a refurbished engine for your car is quite good idea. Most of the people are doing it nowadays because it’s a cheaper way to keep your car running. I too bought a used engine for my car from I am very happy with the deal because the engine is still running very smoothly.

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